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2019 Orientation of Nam Kwong Group Kicks Off

Date:2019-08-20 Source:Human Resources Department Visits:

On August 5, 27 “new stars” of Nam Kwong Group from across the country gathered in Zhuhai for their first class at workplace. The orientation included three parts, namely internal courses, expert lectures and team building, with not only outstanding Nam Kwong employees and officials sharing experience, but also hired professionals giving targeted career lessons and organizing varied outward-bound activities.

Amid the warm applause of the newly recruited employees, Human Resources Department GM Wang Bo announced the kick-off ceremony of the orientation for 2019.

Afterwards, Executive Director & Vice-President Wang Tongyan introduced the development history of Nam Kwong Group. From 1949 to 2019, Nam Kwong has gone through 70 years of trials and hardships including the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, poverty and backwardness and the Asian Financial Crisis, and now showed great vitality today in the 21st century. Along with the vivid description of Wang Tongyan, a magnificent scroll of seventy-year history was slowly unfolded, triggering the keen interest of the new employees.

In the afternoon, organized by Ms. Liu Xiangjun in charge of the training, the employees were devoted to ice-breaking games and soon became familiar with each other.

The 27 employees were divided into four teams, with a team leader selected for each team. Later, four new stars, namely Huang Junjie, Lin Xuecong, Ouyang Mingcong and Chen Chaoqi, started fierce competition for class monitor. Eventually, Huang Junjie was elected the monitor with his sincerity and passion, which received the warm applause of everyone.

In the orientation, “tutors” played a very important role. The Group considerately assigned tutors to the new stars of each company to help them integrate into the new environment and get familiar with business as soon as possible. At last, the tutors and the new employees had a pleasant talk.

The kick-off ceremony of the 2019 orientation of Nam Kwong Group ended in great success, with the 20-day trainings officially commencing. We are convinced that the new stars of Nam Kwong will get a full understanding on Nam Kwong in the short upcoming three weeks, transform their roles smoothly, establish firm beliefs and grow into a qualified and outstanding member of Nam Kwong. At last, wish the new stars a sturdy journey and a promising future!

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