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President Duan Hongyi Attends the National Work Safety Teleconference

Date:2019-08-20 Source:Operations Management Department Visits:

On July 26, President Duan Hongyi attended the National Work Safety Teleconference held by the Work Safety Committee of the State Council on behalf of Nam Kwong Group in the Zhuhai Parallel Session.

Premier Li Keqiang instructed that work safety was of great importance with heavy responsibility and the work safety work must be well performed persistently without any neglect. Related departments shall closely follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, earnestly carry out national decisions and deployments, firmly build up the people-centered philosophy of development, practice the concept of safe development and consolidate the defense line for work safety. It was imperative to remain vigilant all the time, draw lessons from the accidents of various types that previously happened and draw inferences. It was a must to further strengthen the building of the work safety responsibility system, comprehensively implement supervisory responsibilities of departments and responsibilities of enterprises as main body, specify responsibilities of various parts at all levels, and spare no effort to enhance infrastructure construction, hazard screening, targeted rectification and publicity & education for work safety. Efforts must be made to improve the law enforcement system, prevent and defuse systematic safety risks in major industrial sectors such as dangerous chemicals and mines and resolutely contain catastrophic accidents to safeguard the life and property safety of the masses. Vice Premier and Director of the Work Safety Committee Liu He was present and delivered a speech. State Councilor and Vice Director of the Work Safety Committee Wang Yong presided over the meeting.

It was requested at the meeting to study and carry out in depth the important instructions of President Xi Jinping on enhancing work safety, and observe the important instructions of Premier Li Keqiang to well perform the work safety work, so as to ensure the life and property safety of the masses.

It was pointed out that since this year, as the areas, departments and units firmly implemented national decisions and deployments, the total number of accidents and the number of major accidents and catastrophic accidents both have declined and the work safety situation in most industrial sectors and areas has been further improved. However, fatalities and risk hazards have remained prominent and the work safety situation remained complex and grim.

As emphasized at the meeting, we shall closely follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and combine the educational campaign themed “remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind” to further elevate the political stance, intensify the responsibility of ensuring safety of the people, strictly perform the responsibilities in work safety supervision and form the administrative synergy. We shall especially prevent and defuse the safety risks in major industrial sectors, refine the safety regulation systems and mechanisms, step up support and guarantee for work safety and firmly prevent and contain catastrophic accidents. With great attention paid to work safety in the flood season, it was necessary to increase the manpower on shift and augment emergency response to strictly prevent safety accidents caused by natural disasters.

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