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Nam Kwong chairman takes group interview, sharing 70-year history of Nam Kwong, its participation in practicing “one country, two systems” principle

Date:2019-12-02 Source:Public Affairs Department Visits:

On the morning of November 22, Fu Jianguo, chairman of board of Nam Kwong, took a group interview by the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Media Group, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, China Daily, China News Agency and China International Publishing Group. Revolving around the history, features of current business and future development strategy of Nam Kwong, Fu shared Nam Kwong’s splendid contributions to Macao economy, society and people’s livelihood and its participation in practicing the “one country, two systems” policy over the past 20 years after Macao returned to the People’s Republic of China with media outlets.

Fu said Nam Kwong was founded to welcome the founding of the People’s Republic of China, grew bigger in the wave of China’s reform and opening up, was revitalized taking the opportunity of Macao’s return to China and was ready for further expansion against the backdrop of SOE reform in the new era. Over the 70 years, Nam Kwong has emerged to a company with the deepest root, largest comprehensive business, most diverse service for people’s livelihood and most friends in Macao. It has also built the most solid, widely known and popular brand in Macao. At present, its business development shows five distinctive features. First, it is a centrally-administrated SOE carrying forward a mission. Second, it is a centrally-administrated SOE serving for people’s livelihood. Third, it is a centrally-administrated SOE with a moderate scale and high-quality development. Fourth, it is a centrally-administrated SOE entangled with Macao society. Fifth, it is a centrally-administrated going through SOE reform.  

Fu said that the 70 years after Nam Kwong was founded are not only about Nam Kwong itself, but also about the history of Macao development miracle and the history of a great era. Nam Kwong is a company of history. Despite ups and downs over the past 70 years, Nam Kwong has been marching forward side by side with the Chinese people. It has been following the calling of the country and fighting at the forefront of the era, writing historical chapters evoking praises and tears. Nam Kwong is a company of spirits. Over the past 70 years, Nam Kwong has gone through fierce waves and marched forward regardless of hardships. It surmounted difficulties and setbacks and forged ahead when things went smooth. This can attribute to its unique corporate philosophy and cultural gene. Nam Kwong is a company of great sense of responsibilities. Over the past 70 years, it has been thinking in big-picture terms, revolving around the calling of the times, responding to the expectation of Macao and assumed the responsibilities of serving national strategy and the wellbeing of Macao people, embodying its sincere patriotism to the country, the nation and Macao. Nam Kwong is a company of future. Standing at a new historical starting point, Nam Kwong grasps the major historical opportunities brought by the building of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the reform of SOE and draws a blueprint for its bright future. Upholding to the development philosophy of “Nam Kwong plus,” we will keep in mind the needs of the country, the calling of the times, the demands of Macao and the common interests of all sectors in society, make new moves and new contributions in pursuing the group’s strategic vision of achieving inclusive development, promoting people’s livelihood and building an internationally competitive state-owned investment company.

Fu stressed that the 70-year history of Nam Kwong is a history of entrepreneurship, hardworking and growth, which embodies how a company lives and breathes with the country and Macao and stays true to the original aspirations of serving for the country and Macao in the business world. Reflecting the profound and grand history of 70 years, we are filled with emotions like a pilgrim, sense of responsibility to carry on the historical blood and determination to write a new chapter of history. We will see history with awe and veneration, draw spiritual power from our profound history and continue hard work to write a new chapter of history. Paying respects to predecessors, we will learn from the lofty deeds of the older generation represented by Ke Zhengping who are loyal to the country, work hard, selfless and dedicated. Showing veneration to Nam Kwong, we stay true to our original aspirations, take initiative in shouldering responsibilities, promote our brand and make new contributions to the development of Macao, the promotion of people’s livelihood and the advancement of “one country, two systems” with Macao characteristics.    

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