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Nam Kwong general accountant meets visiting delegation of BCM Guangdong branch

Date:2019-12-02 Source: Finance Department Visits:

On the morning of November 13, Nam Kwong general accountant Peng Jinhong met with the delegation of Guangdong provincial branch of the Bank of Communications (BCM) led by its head Zhou Baozhi and accompanied by the chief of the bank’s Macao branch Wu Ye at the 16th floor of Nam Kwong Building. Responsible staff from Nam Kwong Finance Department and Assets Management Department attended the meeting.

Peng extended welcome to the delegation led by Zhou Baozhi and expressed appreciation for the strong support of BCM’s Guangdong provincial branch and Macao branch to Nam Kwong’s reform and development. Peng mainly introduced the company’s future plan of advancing the development strategy of taking root in Macao, connecting Macao with the Chinese mainland, and expanding business overseas, focusing on the “5+1” business sections, and improving the company’s influence and competitiveness by fostering industries and working on investment, financing and capital management.

Zhou Baozhi thanked Peng for Nam Kwong’s warm reception and stressed that BCM and Nam Kwong had built profound friendship over years of cooperation. The development of BCM was indispensable from Nam Kwong’s support, Zhou said, speaking of Nam Kwong’s important role as a centrally-administrated SOE in Macao in safeguarding social stability and prosperity, maintaining and improving people’s livelihood and boosting regional economy.

Peng Jinhong and Zhou Baozhi discussed hotspot issues like promoting special finance in Macao and building it into a world’s leisure tourist center and a platform serving commerce and business between China and Portuguese-speaking countries. The two sides said they were ready for further communications and exchanges in a critical moment of Nam Kwong’s reform and transformation to boost cooperation and development of the two sides in more areas.


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