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Nam Kwong Culture and Creativity Industry Co., Ltd. Won the Creative Event Award of "Macau Convention and Exhibition Awards 2018"

Date:2018-12-20 Source:NKCCI Visits:

On December 12, the award ceremony of "Macau Convention and Exhibition Awards 2018" was held at Macao Tourist Tower Exhibition and Entertainment Center. “2017 Asian Carnival”, the project of Nam Kwong Culture and Creativity Industry Co., Ltd., won the Creative Event Award this year. "Macau Convention and Exhibition Awards" is sponsored by Macao Convention & Exhibition Association, co-organized by Macao exhibition and trade association, Association of Advertising Agents of Macao (AAAM) and Macau Federal Commercial Association of Convention & Exhibition Industry, and supported by Macao Foundation, Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), Macau Government Tourist Office, Macao Chamber of Commerce, Macau Economic Association, China Convention and Exhibition Society (CCES) and Asian Federation of Exhibition & Convention Association (AFECA). As an annual event in Macau local convention and exhibition industry, Macau Convention and Exhibition Awards’ winners are selected by a widely-recognized evaluation committee after several deliberation and discussions. The Awards are to commend the powerful convention and exhibition projects held in Macau with great potential. In the award ceremony, 12 awards in seven categories including Convention and Exhibition Excellence Award, Brand Exhibition Award, Brand Convention Award, Innovation Exhibition Award, Convention Bidding Award, Original Convention and Exhibition Award, and Creative Event Award. 

As stated in his acceptance speech, Wang Wenqiang, Assistant General Manager of Nam Kwong Culture and Creativity Industry Co., Ltd., felt honored to win the Creative Event Award of "Macau Convention and Exhibition Awards" this year, and expressed gratitude to the judges and industry delegates for the affirmation. According to him, for 3 years since the establishment, Nam Kwong Culture and Creativity Industry Co., Ltd. has been always committed to adhering to the mission of Nam Kwong of “giving the best back to society”, actively participated in promoting the industry diversification of Macao economy, well developed the convention & exhibition and culture & creativity industry, and set a good example for Macao culture & creativity industry, so as to promote the development of the industry and improve the regional competitiveness and international influence of Macao convention and exhibition industry.

As an original project of Nam Kwong Culture and Creativity Industry Co., Ltd., the one-month“2017 Asian Carnival” was held in Macau Tower Street on December 8, 2018. With "double show" popular in both Beijing and Shanghai as the theme, the project also featured all kinds of workshops, covering a total area of 2,700 square meters, attracting as many as 60 participating enterprises, along with more than 30 weekend workshops in the meantime. It fully embodied the content and form diversity, and was committed to building a new platform for Macao culture and creativity industry and creating Macao's unique culture brands. It also encouraged more industry players to apply innovative modes of exhibition, and hold different types of convention and exhibition activities with Macao’s characteristics.

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