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Nam Kwong Petroleum & Chemicals Co., Ltd. Subsidiary Ka-Ho Oil Terminal Holds Safety Management Training

Date:2018-12-19 Source:Nam Kwong Petroleum & Chemicals Visits:

Time: 2018-12-13 Source: Nam Kwong Petroleum & Chemicals Co., Ltd. Views: 51 [Text Size: Large Medium Small]

On November 29th, Nam Kwong Petroleum & Chemicals Co., Ltd. subsidiary Ka-Ho Oil Terminal held training on safety management principles and methods. More than 20 people including oil depot employees and construction unit representatives attended the training.

This training session invited Ding Feng, Associate Professor of South China University of Technology and expert in Guangdong Province safety production training experts, to teach on the site of the oil depot. Professor Ding Feng elaborated in great detail on eight safety management theories, nine safety management engineering methods, the mechanism of safety accidents, key points of prevention, as well as security management models used by advanced domestic and international companies, from seven perspectives of definition, observation, mechanism, instrument, bottom line, damage and methods related to safety management. Prof. Ding Feng’s lectures were simple and easy to understand, and the students all expressed their willingness to apply the new theories and methods they learned to practice, correct the relationship between safety and production, do a better job in daily safety production, and create a safe environment. Atmosphere. This training also laid a good foundation for the 6S benchmarking management of the oil depot next year.

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