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China Travel Service (Macau) Limited-Affiliated Company Launches Activities on 11.9 Fire Prevention Day

Date:2018-12-19 Source:China Travel Service (Macao) Visits:

Time: 2018-11-21 Source: China Travel Service (Macao) Ltd. Views: 21 [Text Size: Large Medium Small]

This year’s November 9th is the 28th National Fire Prevention Day, with the theme of “Participation by all in fire prevention and control”. In order to effectively implement fire prevention, Zhuhai Jiuzhou Tourism and Transport Co., Ltd., subordinate to China Travel Service (Macau) Limited, held a seminar on production in safety for all the employees on November 9 based on the requirements of the participation of all people. Huang Haibo, security director of China Travel Service (Macau) Limited, lectured on knowledge of fire prevention during the seminar.

As an expert in fire prevention, Huang concentrated on introducing the dangers of fire, the causes of fire and protective measures by using a large amount of data, pictures and vivid cases. In particular, he combined it with the Company’s business in road transport and workshop maintenance, and clearly stated that fire prevention and various measures to deal with fire must be done well. He urged that not only the leadership shoulders the responsibilities of fire prevention, but also every employee has the duty to participate in it. The lecture was targeted and easily understood, enabling the employees to thoroughly understand fire prevention and improve their awareness of fire prevention.


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