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Convention, Exhibition, Cultural & Creative


The principal businesses of Nam Kwong Culture and Creativity cover research and development, promotion and sale of cultural creative products, convention and exhibition, organization of activities and events, advertisement decoration design and production, advertising agency and sale, investment and management of industrial park, labor export, human resource service, etc.


In order to implement the spirit of the Central Government for “building Macau into the world tourism and leisure center and the platform of China and Portuguese - speaking countries business cooperation services and promoting the diverse and sustainable development of Macau moderately”, under the great support of the Macau SAR and relevant department of the Central Government, the Company has successfully held China (Macau) International Automobile Import & Export Exposition, China (Macau) International Yacht Import & Export Exposition and Macau Business Aviation Exhibition for several consecutive years, created the world-famous brand of “Distinguished Gathering”, and respectively passed the certification of the Union of International Fairs (UFI). The “Dynamic Macau Business and Trade Fair” organized by the Company has been held in tens of domestic cities, which has strengthened the economic, trade and cultural exchange between Macau and the mainland China. In addition, the Company has successfully hosted and organized high-end meetings, exhibitions and festivals such as the 3rd International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum, Taihu World Cultural Forum TCM Development Senior Meeting, the 4th Annual Meeting of Taihu World Cultural Forum, Macau Traditional Medicine International Cooperation Forum, China (Macau) Automotive and Shipping Equipment Fair, Hong Kong International Auto Show, (Shenyang) Trade and Investment Negotiation Conference between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries, and Macau Light Festival, which has obtained good economic and social benefits. The convention and exhibition installation team has undertaken several large-scale convention and exhibition installation service projects, and won the commendation of the State Council due to its outstanding performance in the installation of Shanghai World Expo Macau Pavilion in 2010.


The Company comprehensively develops the cultural and creative business. Following the concept of “Innovation, Cooperation, Development and Win-win”, the Company has established “NetEase News- NetEase Hong Kong and NetEase Macau Operation Center” jointly with NetEase, in order to carry out all-round cooperation in terms of NetEase cloud service, culture and creativity base, NetEase games, global promotion of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and large activities of NetEase + by giving full play to superior resources of e-commerce, games, education and music subordinate to NetEase, actively integrates into the data era, and promotes the development of the cultural and creative industry of Macau. The advertising business is an important component of the culture and creativity business of the Company, covering the planning, creative design and release of new and traditional media advertisements. It provides several media publicity platforms for customers to promote products and build a good corporate image with rich resources such as the carriers of bus body ads and sites for various large-scale conventions and exhibitions.


Nam Kwong Employment Agency (Macau) Co., Ltd., subordinate to the Company, is a professional operation company specialized in the operation of the labor service exported to Macao upon approval of the Ministry of Commerce and the Macau SAR Government. It mainly delivers the contract workers to many agencies covering hospitality industry, catering industry, construction industry, retail and industrial and commercial service industry, and manages these workers. Nam Kwong Employment Agency will introduce talents badly needed by various industries of Macau, and promote the sound and stable development of the labor market of Macau.


Looking into the future, under the guidance of the development strategy of Nam Kwong Group of “Being Rooted in Macao, Connecting the Mainland, and Expanding Overseas”, Nam Kwong Culture and Creativity will actively explore into the deep extension of the cultural and creative industry, enhance the development of the convention, exhibition, culture and creativity industry of Macau, actively participate in the building of “One Center and One Platform” of Macau, and make contributions to the further development of the enterprise and the moderate and diverse economic development of Macau.

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