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NAM KWONG Group is the largest shareholder of Companhia de Electricidade de Macao (CEM). CEM is a specialized public power supply company engaged in the transmission, distribution and sale of high-, medium- and low-voltage power in the Macao Special Administrative Region; in addition, it processes its own power generation facilities.

Macao's power grid is composed of 23 main substations and 7 customer high-voltage switching stations, as well as 299 kilometer-long 66kV, 110kV and 220kV high-voltage cables. Macao grid is connected with China Southern Power Grid through two 110kV communication channels and two 220kV communication channels. The two 110kV communication channels are respectively connected to Gongbei Substation and Nanping Substation, and the two 220kV communication channels are respectively connected to Zhuhai Substation and Qinyun Substation.

The 110kV medium-voltage distribution network consists of 718km of cable connected by 40 customer switching stations and 1,480 customer substations (11kV /400 volts). The low-voltage distribution network consists of 854km of cable. The public lighting grid consists of 529km of cable and about 15,000 street lights. Almost CEM's all power grids are composed of underground cables.

Address No. 32 Fortaleza de D. Maria II, Macao
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